0 – Memories from the Void (from the Absolute)


0) Memories taken from the Void, from the Absolute.
1) From the Void, the threshold which faces the Void. The Point which, without space-time, begins its journey at the moment of the creation. One who does not know.
2) Creator, created. Darkness, light. Duality, the Cosmic Mother, Nature. From the Void to the multiple energies, the origin.
3) Energy, Intelligence, Love. The Divine Trinity becomes the human trinity. One, but three. Here lies the resemblance to the sentient being; mind, sensations, physical body. One who does not know, but seeks.
4) The fundamental number of the universe. The four mental spheres, the recurring four to be sought, wisdom, the sage.
5) All the elements required in order to begin the search are present: five senses, five elements, five fingers, five layers.
6) The individual Soul, the first objective of the sentient being.
7) Illusion. The journey must be fully immersed in freedom.
8) Form is necessary for the expression of all the movements of the sentient being’s cages of energy.
9) The universe, the Universal Soul, sum of all Souls. The involucrum of form and illusion, the last perceivable objective.