Suggestions for the reader

The verses are a thousand short phrases which contain the synthesis of an extremely vast and complex philosophical knowledge. One hundred chapters tell of the movements and interactions of the ten “fundamental subjects” while they follow the theoretical path to spiritual realization.
Each subject has a corresponding number (from zero to nine). The number identifies a verse. Based on its number, each verse describes a particular relationship between the subjects.

The ten subjects

Without space, without time, the Void: Zero (0). The Void brings into existence the One: The One who seeks, the Created Being (1). An infinitesimal instant before the point it is still zero. Then, something happens in the point: instantaneous intentionality, the Creator, the creation, the universe, time and space, the sentient being. In the same instant in which He expresses intentionality, the Creator produces the creation and the “project/being,” which tries to understand its origin, the concept of “provenance.” The origin of the being is Duality (2), not zero. At the origin we have zero and one, but zero and one are two. How could we give a name to the Creator if there was no creation? The Absolute becomes “Creator” through the “intention” of something that represents It (the creation). Before that, it was the Void. In the same instant, we have zero, one and two: the Origin, duality, form (one), and non-form (zero). Aware of the origin, “he who seeks” becomes a Seeker of Spiritual Realization (3), the awareness of Eternal, the trinity, the sentient being at the ‘mortal’ levels (physical, astral and mental) and at the ‘eternal’ levels (Intellect, Soul and Spirit), and so seeks wisdom. The number four represents the sage, apparent knowledge (4) (it is a well-known scientific fact that this universe is based on the number four). The sage’s knowledge is apparent because it does not come from him but from Zero. Once the necessary wisdom has been acquired, the sentient being becomes aware of the existence of a Way, (5) and so The Path Begins, the Intuited Path, that leads to the Soul, (6) the Gate of access to the Absolute. From the individual Soul, passing through illusion (7) and form (8), the sentient being proceeds towards the universal Soul (9). This apparent final objective is the beginning of a new and more authentic path.